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Men Launch Dinner Party

Men Launch Dinner Party

Date : 16.01.18
Place : Place des Victoires, Paris
Photography : Saskia Lawaks

Happy holidays

Wishing you peace and noise !

Precollection Spring 2018

The pre-collection gives pride of place to a confident woman, who wears close-fitting suits and dresses in such a natural way. She is elegant and has her head on her perfectly structured shoulders. A new form of femininity, without a doubt.

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Etoile Collection Spring-Summer 2018

A touch of Africa spices up the new Etoile Collection. Printed fabrics, raw edges, colours ranging between the earth and the Sun, grounded silhouettes, flowing dresses and sportswear jackets. This is an authentic journey.

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Isabel Marant is working with Le Slip Français to create their famed bobble hat for winter 2017-2018, to be worn close to the heart. For the past three years, the cheeky brand has participated in the Bouge ton pompon (Move your bobble) operation as part of the French Telethon, and has invited a designer every time. Like a benefactors’ association.

Bouge ton Pompon operation, beanie signed Le Slip Français & Isabel Marant. For every hat bought, all the profits will go to AFM-Téléthon.

Available here : https://goo.gl/TfxVSx

Making-of photo shoot Etoile Autumn-Winter 2017

Everything is ready. Catherine McNeil against a pink, dusty grey or grey-green backdrop. Between two takes for the Etoile collection. In Light Pink Forby jeans, a Khaki Glitz coat, or a Beige Jirvina dress. Retouch her make-up.

2017 Autumn-Winter Accessories Lookbook

The Autumn-Winter 2017 accessories are spontaneously striking a pose in Isabel’s studio, right where everything started.  Here they are. Between supplies, clothes rails, black coffee, bunches of flowers, rolls of tape and samples. In their natural environment. Their biotope. At the heart of the creation.

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Love, the worlds we choose, the importance of connections and meeting people…
Isabel’s bosom friends, family, closest colleagues confide to the camera.
Memories, laughter and joy.

Show Spring-Summer 2018

And the first man has appeared. Welcome man! A newcomer in Isabel’s universe, a new adventure, a lasting love. Feminine and masculine reunited, and more than that. A fusion of genres, desire for associations, yoga flexibility of combinations. Other duos come together endlessly: English embroidery revitalises itself in California, sportswear earns its nocturnal stripes, colour block finds a taste for subtle hues, oversize is worn close-fitting, vintage becomes today. And here are some flowers to celebrate. 

Show Spring-Summer 2018

Friends & family aftershow party

Date : 02.03.17
Place : Rue Croix des Petits Champs, Paris
Photography : Katinka Bester