Stop fake

Isabel Marant chooses carefully the shops that sell her creations. Only these outlets are authorized to distribute her creations.

A significant number of fraudulent websites are utilizing our trademark and offer goods, notably shoes, copying our design. The goods sold on those websites are not genuine Isabel Marant creations.

Under French law, counterfeiting is defined as the reproduction, imitation or utilization, whether in whole or in part, of a trademark, a design, a copyright or any other exclusive intellectual property right without the authorization or consent of its right owner.

Intellectual property violations (trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, etc…) attract, under French law, a sentence up to three years imprisonment and a fine of three hundred thousand euros.

Isabel Marant’s creations are protected by French law. As such, they are also protected by Community law and international law.

Place of purchase, quality of the product sold and attention to details are the most reliable evidence to ensure the genuineness of an Isabel Marant creation. Nevertheless, the cautiousness and wisdom of our clients are the best defense against forgery and counterfeiting.