In 2013, Isabel Marant joins forces with Heritage Paris to create two skateboards. The inauguration of the Isabel Marant boutique in Los Angeles in January 2013 inspired us to create a skateboard. 
Crafted from a block of solid oak - a species chosen for its strength and chic nordic style - Heritage Paris skateboards embody excellence on two counts: the quality of their fittings and the minimalist, uncompromising design that they espouse. 
This collaboration has produced two types of boards: a “slalom” model and a “longboard” model ideal for longer rides. 
Each skateboard is equipped with retro ’70s-type slalom wheels, Tracker (Slalom model) or Indy (Longboard model) trucks and Abec bearings. 
These handmade, signed and numbered boards are made in France. 

More infos: Heritage Paris

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